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30 Jan

Nostalgia Marketing

With the world seemingly moving at a breakneck speed, immersing yourself in nostalgic paraphernalia is just like wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket of comfort— the “gold ol’ days”, reminding you of simpler, happier times. Nostalgia marketing works by capturing your customer’s attention by tapping into fond memories and familiar trends from the past. […]

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25 Nov

Co-Creation as a Future Marketing Strategy

Customer Co-creation is about developing new ideas, services and products directly with your customers which allows you to seek what consumers wants. Co-create process bring along third-party individuals as advisers including consumers, vendors, designers, suppliers, marketers, retailers and assorted experts in your field. Co-Create make all consumers feel like they’re being listened to and taken […]

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13 Nov

Gestalt Principles in Typography

Fellas, let’s talk about something serious. In this few week episode, Kreatiklan’s team decide to bring you the very very basics on logo, font and package construction. They’re called the Gestalt Principles. A brief history — soon after it was introduced in 1920, Gestalt was applied to the field of visual perception by Max Wertheimer, […]

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