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22 Apr

Defining Rebranding An Established Brand

Competition is inevitable which also connect to larger opportunity. A study says that many companies which launched in crowded market also had higher odds than others. In this fast-paced trend, branding is needed as a marketing practices which involves companies name, logo and design to identify the product and services from others. Branding is important […]

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29 Dec

The Value of Good Design to Your Business

Last month I attended a webinar held by one of the largest creative hiring agency based in the US to discuss about marketing and visual impact of a design, and we were grouped into small discussion team to discuss about the value of a good design. The main question is quite simple; How much the […]

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22 Dec

Logo Design as the First Step Establishing your Corporate Brand Identity

Most people will remember the logo because of its unique shape, attractive and implied some meaning. Take an example of companies producing a different variety of products shampoo. For consumers, it would be difficult to remember every product they see, but supported by the unique product design and supported by an interesting, eye catchy and […]

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