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22 May

8 Most Disruptive Brands

In definition disruptive means causing disruption and also means negative. Meanwhile, in business theory disruptive has the same meaning as innovation that creates a new market and value network. Disruption could affect existing market and displacing established market-leading firms, products, and trend.    In the last post, we already gave you an insight about competitive […]

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16 May

Branding Disruption Competition

Technology has opened all our eyes to a ever-changing lifestyles and trend. Our technology facilitated interconnected-ness and naturally promotes more fluid self-definition. Branding creates a specific way for people to know that we sell donuts while another company sells electronics. Branding also inspire people to create a pattern and picking road we should take to […]

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14 May

Shifting Brand with Verbification

People tend to use the phrase ‘just Google it’ in case anyone stuck to find something or to translate a language they didn’t understand and say ‘let’s Skype’ while referring to do some video calls. As an Indonesian, you probably tend to say ‘drink Aqua’ at ease other than saying ‘drink mineral water’ when thirsty. […]

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