Developing minds, shaping perspectives

30 Oct

Conquering Creative Block as a Creative Individual

Whether it’s a writer’s block, an art block, artist block, or even if you believe such blocks don’t exist, a struggle to get artistic ideas (especially when you need them the most) can happen to the best of us. Yes, Kreatiklan’s team too. Working in creative industry, the process of being short of ideas can […]

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23 Oct

A Strategy For FinTech Branding

Financial technology or so called FinTech is the result of a combination of financial services and technology that eventually changes the business model from conventional to a moderate one. We initially had to pay face to face and bring some money, can now conduct money transfer transactions, save money, buy goods, plant shares, saving deposits, […]

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12 Oct

Infographics: Influencer Marketing

In building brand awareness, sometimes we need what so called influencers. Since people decide to buy after got influenced from someone they trust. Influencers are already build their own base of fans, so it is easier to search that aligned with your brand to reach potential consumers, they can improve your SEO and reach wider […]

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