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19 Jul

Successful Brands and Their Colors

Color is no doubt the most powerful aspect from a branding, as it directly affects our emotions and how we perceive a brand. However, despite the negative effects some colors generate towards specific types of brands, these brands managed to be successful anyways. Here are 8 of the most successful brands with their colors according […]

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15 Jul

Color Matters

Colors are light waves of various wave lengths that are received and distinguished within the eye and brain. Humans are able to discriminate between numerous wavelengths and also been noted that color perception may bring an emotional component. Color is super powerful as human brain retrieved it to create some sensation. It has the ability […]

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9 Jul

UI/UX Origins

Once upon a time, in a place far far away, in a corner of vast universe, UI and UX existed happily. They born together, lived together, and inseparable. But, where do they come? When did they come? Why they become like this? And what makes them happily ever after? Don’t worry we traced it back […]

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