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18 Sep

Being ‘Woke’, and Brands on Championing Social Causes

If you frequent the internet and social media often, chances are you probably read or heard someone use the word woke- not as in someone wake up from a deep sleep, but as an adjective. As in, “woke af”, or “Omg, that guy/ girl’s so woke.” If you have heard the word you probably have […]

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12 Sep

Personal Branding

We deliberately put personal branding on bonus because we believe this need more more research to be precise. We all need personal branding because somehow content creator, YouTuber, Instagram influencer is a legit career. Personal branding is a process which validate someone’s value whether its character or skills to shape others perception. In this social […]

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4 Sep

Back To Basic: How to Build A Strong Brand Strategy

Building a strong brand is an endlessly fascinating topic. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources lying out there. Brand marketing is always about how people perceive your business and products. Everything you do (or do not do) in business tells something about you. Brand marketing and strategic advertising can help you make shape a […]

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