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24 May

8 Ways To Be A ‘Distruptor’

If you are following our page, you are probably in the stage where you familiar about disruption, and disruptive brand by now. But how to start your journey being a ‘disruptor’? In this article, our team listed how to be a good ‘disruptor’ and succeded in disrupting your industry. This list are flexible and can […]

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22 May

8 Most Disruptive Brands

In definition disruptive means causing disruption and also means negative. Meanwhile, in business theory disruptive has the same meaning as innovation that creates a new market and value network. Disruption could affect existing market and displacing established market-leading firms, products, and trend.    In the last post, we already gave you an insight about competitive […]

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16 May

Branding Disruption Competition

Technology has opened all our eyes to a ever-changing lifestyles and trend. Our technology facilitated interconnected-ness and naturally promotes more fluid self-definition. Branding creates a specific way for people to know that we sell donuts while another company sells electronics. Branding also inspire people to create a pattern and picking road we should take to […]

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