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24 Jun

An Introduction to UI/UX

This week, we started a new series focused on UI/UX. Before we get started, we should know what actually UI/UX means and its basics. This will be an introduction and start our journey to know more. Back to the history where UI/UX starts develop, the first graphical user interface or GUI was developed by computer […]

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19 Jun

8 Products that Disrupted the World

The disrupt eight series is not ever (yet). In this episode, we back into the era when these product are alive and being the disruptor in their market. Some of them are considered as the pinpoint of the technology journey nowadays or died as a memorable hero. Take a look to our listed product and […]

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17 Jun

Back To The Future: 8 Trending Tech

Technological advances are now accelerating faster than ever before. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect it to impact all aspects of our lives and society as a whole. It then begs us to ask the question “what does our future look like?” Below our team create the top eight most disruptive technologies which […]

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