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11 Jun

The Future and The War of Disruption Vol.2

The future is sure unpredictable. Trends are shifting into a new pattern every day. As a branding expert you have to be able to predict even read what the future looks like and what the trend should shape customer’s view. Technology will always transform how we connect, learn, share and innovate. Whether from great expectations, […]

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28 May

The Future and The War of Disruption

Previously, we’ve been guided you through the example of brands and ads that disruptive to the list. We also brought you the simpler way to be ‘disruptor’. It is challenging indeed but we feel it create the gap since we haven’t dip into case studies. The rapid growth from millennial who cling to technology demand […]

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24 May

8 Ways To Be A ‘Distruptor’

If you are following our page, you are probably in the stage where you familiar about disruption, and disruptive brand by now. But how to start your journey being a ‘disruptor’? In this article, our team listed how to be a good ‘disruptor’ and succeded in disrupting your industry. This list are flexible and can […]

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