Back To Basic: How to Build A Strong Brand Strategy

Building a strong brand is an endlessly fascinating topic.

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4 Sep

Back To Basic: How to Build A Strong Brand Strategy

Building a strong brand is an endlessly fascinating topic. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources lying out there. Brand marketing is always about how people perceive your business and products. Everything you do (or do not do) in business tells something about you. Brand marketing and strategic advertising can help you make shape a good impression with people so that your brand brings to mind more than just a logo or product or catchy tagline. You want your brand to have some quality, integrity, and a business that can be trusted. You can’t become a successful brand if you don’t have your goals and objectives and don’t know where your company is heading to. 
Moreover, your teammates will be able to contribute into grow your brand in the same direction. Having clear objectives also helps to keep your loyal customers who will see the benefits of moving forward with your company and continue using your products or services.
This is the 4 key, follow this fellas.
  1. Know your value

Identify how big the market is, what the opportunities are, and how these things are changing and expected to change over time. Remember that your branding strategy is need to be stand out versus your competitors. What qualities and really embed in everything you do? What are your greatest strengths? What values do you bring to your work consistently and without fail?

2. Know your target

Identifying the target audience for your services or products will affect and give benefit all areas of your brand building process, particularly marketing efforts. You want the right person consuming your content, clicking on your ads, sorting email list, etc. The competitive advantage when branding is to narrow your audience. This can help ensure that your brand message comes with the same value to the targeted recipient.

3. Develop a brand persona

Dig deeper and think about how you’ll fulfill your brand’s promise and provide value and service to your customer. If you promise quick service, for example, what will “quick” actually mean inside your vocabulary? And how will you make sure service stays in speed-track? Along the process, you’re laying the foundation of your hiring strategy and how future employees will be expected to interact with customers. You’re also creating the template for your advertising and marketing strategies to customer that are looking for an experience tailored to their needs, backed by personal interaction.

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  1. Create a brand guidelines and reports

Branding strategy definitely involves the creative side of your mind. But you can also use concrete data to guide your direction. One way to understand if your brand is on the right track in its branding strategy is to share by all your teammate. This has connection with your brand positioning which needs something specific and meaningful to your customers and something that is different to the other players in the market. Ongoing, you need to monitor progress in key areas month-over-month and year-over-year. This data should provide insights to your brand and marketing progress. Analytics reporting should always support the strategic goals and KPIs for your business.

Brand strategy is a living document. It’ll change and grow, alongside your company. It should help you kickstart ideas, and answer the tricky questions when they come. By having something to refer back to, your core goals, your mission, story, and vision, you can always ask “Is this what we plan? Will this help achieve our goals? Is it inline with our brand strategy?”

Image: Felicia C Sullivan

Ultimately, a clear brand strategy will ensures that you’re not just offering a product to your customers – but a constant experience. Your strategy will give you the tools to create a company that stands the test of time – building loyalty in your customers and making your identity truly unforgettable. Brand strategy is something that you should think more. Take many research and notes which will help you dig into your brand even further, get them into a document, and start developing thoughts and ideas around. If you’re looking to engage with a design agency, bring the document to the table and share it with them. And if you think hiring a design agency is your ninja way, Kreatiklan is just one call away from you!