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22 Apr

Defining Rebranding An Established Brand

Competition is inevitable which also connect to larger opportunity. A study says that many companies which launched in crowded market also had higher odds than others. In this fast-paced trend, branding is needed as a marketing practices which involves companies name, logo and design to identify the product and services from others. Branding is important to make a memorable impression to the clients which also allows them to choose. It has critical impact to change perception and brand awareness, to get recognition and increases company value.

As a face of a company, branding is a tool to distinguish it from others. We might think that we already have a strong identity for the company and make a ‘rebranding’ least from priorities. We might didn’t realize the changes but if your brand isn’t inspiring people awareness then it might be a right time to rebrand. There are also key points to consider when and why a company should get a refreshment for.  A rapid changes in target demographic is the first alert to think about repositioning the business. It needs transition and addition to make encouragement to the new customer and regain the old one. As we enters a technological era, it is also important to make your company stand out completely in the arena. Rebranding is not about negativity that competition brings, it is also correlated with the need to expand your business into a wider coverage – national or even going abroad. To get a potential customer, a company needs to be accepted into a bigger diversity. Allowing yourself to rebranding and create a new structured identity is the way to include ourselves to distinguish competition and make a clear view perception to the customers.

Brand such as Uber, Apple and Burberry did some good improvements on their selling and broaden the scope through a rebranding process. They can successfully reinvent their identity and standing strong among their competitors. But, there are also a failed rebranding case because the process done wrong such as GAP, Kraft and WACOM. A whole new refreshment surely come with a cost. With a careful strategy and planning any failures can be minimalized and reduce it to zero. And yes, changing direction in a business is not an easy way but with a well thought plan it will revive your branding. Take a look at these considered failed rebranding.

Failed rebranding cases

Re-evaluating with a brand consultant and strategist to re-brand the company will injects a new lease and life to the company. It will brings new customers as well as connecting the existing customers. A right re-branding is like sending out a right message in the right time. Kreatiklan build visual identities based on what your company wants to and what it tries to stand for. Kreatiklan’s experts will research other companies in the same field, to make sure your company stand out and always be in the right spot. Consider yourself to get a refreshment by contacting us!