Indonesian Coffee Insights: History & Trend

As a producer of high quality coffee, Indonesian starts to consume coffee and turned it into a lifestyles.

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23 Aug

Indonesian Coffee Insights: History & Trends

They said, life without coffee is nightmare. Yes, people are in love with coffee and the consumption is rising day by day. Before we talk more about coffee, we need to know the history. Legends said, the goat herder — Kaldi, coincidentally discovered coffee after he noticed that after eating the berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they can’t sleep at night. Kaldi reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery, who made a drink with the berries and found that it kept him alert through the long hours. The abbot shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery, and knowledge of the energizing berries began to spread. That is my friends, is the nice discovery of first brewed coffee.
Long story short, coffee reached the Arabian peninsula, and thanks to Arabian whose bring coffee beans across the globe. In Europe, coffee began to replace the common breakfast drink beverages of that time — beer and wine. Those who drank coffee instead of alcohol surprisingly improve their work. As demand for the coffee beans risen, people starts to try many locations to plant coffee. The Dutch brought the seeds in 17th century to plant them in India but failed miserably. They moved their plantation to Batavia, on the island of Java. Yep, Indonesian people got their first coffee beans, y’all!
Indonesian geography and its climate proved ideal for coffee plantation, hence the plantation starts to moved to other parts of Java, Sumatra and Celebes. Indonesia then being famous for produces several specialty coffees like luwak coffee (kopi luwak), Toraja coffee, Aceh coffee and Mandailing coffee. Luwak coffee — being known as the world’s most famous and expensive coffee. It is brewed from coffee beans through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet (catlike animal). This special fermentation process inside the animal (and due to the fact that the civet is able to select the juiciest coffee cherries) this coffee is believed to have a richer taste. Its labor-intensive production process and scarcity on the international market cause its expensive price. In modern days, coffee became Indonesia’s fourth-largest foreign exchange and exports.
Indonesia’s obsession with coffee consumption is at an all time high these days or people would called it “third wave coffee” – a movement to produce high-quality coffee and considers coffee an artisanal food, like wine, rather than just a commodity. As a producer of high quality coffee, Indonesian people starts to consume coffee and turned it into a lifestyles. This realization caused many coffee shops to pop up everywhere across some major big cities. For the last 5 years, Indonesian coffee shops have doubled. In exchange to conduct a semi-formal meeting people now more comfortable by saying ngopi-ngopi to meet with clients, works on any tasks or just connecting to people. Coffee shops start the competition to designed their business as unique as possible, to make it so comfortable to enjoy spending time with friends. The unique coffee shops now being equipped with coffee on the go, which make it more easier for people to catch their favorite cup of coffee everywhere. The fierce competition between those cafe also impacted on small coffee farmers which need to doubled their plant to fulfill the risen demand. This bring another problem because of the fair trade between coffee farmers is not applicable by all trader. This situation makes the farmers still lived in poor state and not having a better quality of life. This issue are still being debated and more organization demand that all trader should met directly with the farmers. With the related scheme, the fair trade could be generated and the farmers could get better profit.
The growth of coffee shops and coffee consumption worldwide increased by 20 percent which also make a huge opportunities for the people to be barista and start to open coffee shop. Since early 2016, barista has became a desirable skills to have by a lot of youngster in Indonesia. They intend to get more income doing part time in some café between their study. The certification itself is somewhat easy to get since more professional offer short courses in affordable price. In the near future, local coffee shops will probably grow even more along with the trend.
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