Indonesian Coffee Insights: Smart Step to Build Your Coffee Shops

Want to produce your own coffee brand? If the answer is yes, keep scrolling!

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28 Aug

Indonesian Coffee Insights: Smart Step to Build Your Coffee Shops

Do you drink coffee regularly? And realizing that many many many coffee shops opened around the block? Do you want to produce your own coffee brand? If the answer is yes, you may keep scrolling our article below.
We both realized that coffee shops are experiencing a rising in attractiveness, developing new lifestyle. Despite all of that, there are also many people lost their way and not successful enough after opening their first coffee shops. What could be wrong? The reason lies in branding. Branding (especially coffee branding) are built through the right communication between customer and stakeholder (which is you). Creating a distinctive brand is necessary to get customers’ attention. A brand should understand as a unique identity to a product or services in a form of symbol, design, experience that consumers had. More and more coffee shops failed because of the misconception of this early stage — that building a strong brand is unnecessary. Brands are substantial because they are able shape customers’  perception and decision toward your coffee.
Okay, enough with the brand learning. Let’s get to the exciting part ‘building coffee brand’. Before you started, first of all – you need to ask yourself these question:
  1. What is the absolute reason that made you decide to open a coffee shops?
  2. What kind of coffee shops you like the most?
  3. What kind of coffee you like to serve?
  4. Do you have business plan?
  5. Have you calculated all the risks on your business?
If you can answer all of those question within 5 minutes, you probably ready to go to the next part. We deliberately put them into bullets so you can use it as a to-do-list and easier to check.
  1. Research

— Conducting Research Part One

  • Finding the right supplier to get the most tasty coffee beans. Ask around and you will gain more knowledge about your coffee.
  • Trial and Error — to find the right recipe and become your star menu. Don’t forget to test your menu by giving a free sample to the closest friend. They can give a better compliments to your menu.
  • Take a simple survey by trying coffee shops that you think is the main competitor. These also useful to find their weakness and enhance your own brand.
  • Make SWOT Analysis as results
— Conducting Research Part Two
  • Think about your strategy (after you find out the competition), your name, logo, tagline, and its value. Think about the price which resonate to your brand image. 
  • Join the nearest or the most crowded coffee community. These also useful to keep innovating on your menu and your brand development.
  1. Design
  • Hunting for the equipment. This is tricky part, but you can align this step to your budget.
  • Hunting for the right site and space. This should in line with your target market and your brand value.
  • Designing your logo and tagline. This should be done carefully since it will stuck forever.
  • Start your social account. Starting to promote early is good. Curate your content wisely by attaching some teaser to your coffee product.
  • Get a business license. Pay the taxes, people!
  • Search for the staff or you can take your friends with you to open the shop.
  1. Promotion
  • Learn to use Instagram/Facebook Ads. Since they will adjust to your budget, this will be a great technique to promote your business. 
  • You got a friend who has 10K+ followers? Good. Approach them to promote your business.
  • Stick to your brand value by creating a content that resonates your brand. Be picky and active in the same time.
  • Give away a coupons or discount on your first week opening. This also tricky, but if you confident enough with your menu, you’ll get loyal customer prior to this.
  1. Additional Strategy
  • If your budget is limited and your space is so small that you might be afraid that people will lost finding your coffee, you can use the nice and eye-catching signage outside your coffee shop. The right color and logo will attract more people and it will save more money instead.
  • If you can’t afford social media based promotion, use the old tricks. The mouth-to-mouth advertising is never fail. Choose the right people and create a new friends by spreading the news.
  • Use technology. Once again, if you have a limited budget to open a big one, start using technology. Food delivery is easy to approach. Both using GoPay or OVO will enhance your sales since they give cash back. Their app is also having a finance technology which will ease your financial part on opening coffee shop.
  • Stay with your value and keep innovating.
Developing an appropriate coffee brand identity is not easy. You need to introduce a fresh concept to keep the loyal customer and stand out from your competitor. A never ending research is needed to having a renewed concept for coffee shop identity. If you don’t have enough time and energy to build your own, let the experts work for you. Kreatiklan has many collaborations with many brands. We believe that our unique approach will engulf in history, trends, and competition, exploring possibilities and create a full of brand identity from scratch. Start from the strategy, logo design and marketing collateral, we can do it all. You just need to sit back and relax. Call us! We love to chat!