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22 Dec

Logo Design as the First Step Establishing your Corporate Brand Identity

Most people will remember the logo because of its unique shape, attractive and implied some meaning. Take an example of companies producing a different variety of products shampoo. For consumers, it would be difficult to remember every product they see, but supported by the unique product design and supported by an interesting, eye catchy and memorable logo, it will make the product easily remembered by consumers.

In addition to company representation, a logo is also aiming to differentiate between a product to another. The owner of the company must be carefully select a good logo design that is attractive, readable, meaningful and memorable. This will be related to the choice of colors, fonts and form composition of the logo. They have to consider the logo proportion, as most of the corporate logo looks very attractive, but it was not easy to read or viewed.

Therefore when the product marketed, the consumer pretty much forgot what is the name of the product and how the logo looked like. Do not let these aesthetic aspect make your product actually overlooked by consumers. Probably your customer will buy this product at the first time, but since they forgot the logo or brand experience, next time they might buy the products of competitors that have a memorable logo and a better branding experience.

Other than creating an attractive logo, you have to think about how this logo will be easily remembered by consumers. You can do this by considering placing your logo in letterheads, envelopes, brochures, business cards or other marketing gimmicks you are using. Usually, many companies promote their brand and products using marketing tools commonly called a “marketing gimmicks”. You have to make sure that your logo and branding elements will fit and can still be seen clearly in those gimmicks.

In conclusion, a logo is very important for a product or company – and if you are a business owner, you needed to be careful in considering and establishing a logo design to be your corporate identity

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