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29 Dec

The Value of Good Design to Your Business

Last month I attended a webinar held by one of the largest creative hiring agency based in the US to discuss about marketing and visual impact of a design, and we were grouped into small discussion team to discuss about the value of a good design. The main question is quite simple; How much the value of a good design?

If we are a business owner and often asked: “I have grown small to medium scale of business, and all currently running well. Do I need to spent more on the design and marketing in order to boost sales?” A simple yet tricky question when you have something in mind to increase and boost sales.

As a business owner and have a bigger plan in mind to boost your company sales by the use of marketing force, you have to aware that a good design is more than a beautiful piece of artwork. A good design have roles to increase company value, image and brand in front of your customer which indirectly boost your sales and create a value proporsition between competitor.

How is that so? Here are some notes that I took about those value proporsitions about the impact of good design.

  1. Improve Company Branding
    Take an example of ordering food from a local startup website. Shortly you found 2 different website that is offering the same services. The first website uses a very decent appearance and interface, just show a very basic information such as venue address, menu information and prices without showing the culinary pictures/photos. The other one is using an intuitive and beautifully crafted websites, full of restaurant venue details, delivery options, payment options and other promo when ordering online. Which website you will choose the most?

    Even the first website could be appeared first on your google search result, you will most likely to choose the 2nd website, isn’t it?

    From the above example, it is clear how a good and intuitive design plays significant role in building customer perspectives and drive customer to buy your peoduct. And not just a site, but all marketing collaterals used by a company such as logo, brochure, banner and mass media publication could results significantly to product perspectives in front of the public.

  2. Fulfill Your Brand Goals
    As mentioned earlier, a good design is not about a pleasing layout and beautiful presentation. Good design must be supported by clear marketing strategy. As a business owner we have to choose a good designer and a good to assists us in achieving our marketing strategy hence fulfilling our sales target.

    One of the best company that succesfully integrate design to their marketing strategy is apple. Who doesn’t know about apple?

    However do you know they had struggle in the past looking for market segmentation that suits the best for them? They know they will face a tight price wars competition by entering low price market segmentation, while struggling in technology research if they enters the high-end technology market.

    Therefore they create a new trend market segment by emphasizing good design with a new, fresh and youthful orientation. As soon as they define the market, they integrate all their marketing collateral from logo design, packaging design, product design, apple store interior as well as their minimalist yet modern & futuristic ads. The result is Apple become of the biggest brand worldwide.

  3. Build Trust
    Professional design help building brand and company thus gain customer trust all around. According to WebVisible and Nielson / Net Ratings on 2008. 77% correspondents reported they might buy a product from the least known brand but have good website presentation and nice ads compared to famous brand with decent website presentation and ads.

  4. Brand Differentiation
    You have to keep this in mind: Invest in design quality, using a good designer/design agency that uses experienced professional designer will let your company achieve the 3 points above. Even if your competitor using the same strategy, at least your company have a quite amount of marketing ammunition to win the competition.

You can contact us for design solutions for your company/brand/business with a simple step and a competitive pricing with Kreatiklan has been around assiting global clients such as Polaroid and through their professionalism and creative skills in design and technology.