YAMISOK - One-Stop Gaming Platform Dedicated for Gamers


Product: YAMISOK (Website)

Creative Agency: KREATIKLAN



Develop an interesting and functional website design that goes along with the brand of YAMISOK

Yamisok is a gaming platform that allows players to connect and play together, or against each other. Yamisok platform also allows players to join E-Sports competition, buy and even win your favorite items.


Following its bankruptcy in early 2015, Skymall has been struggling to boost sales caused by negatively branded as an in-flight store selling unique and weird stuffs people don’t want to buy. However we see an opportunity in the case of rebranding the whole Skymall brand, in terms of visual identity, unique value proposition and cross selling platform. CAM and Kreatiklan ran analysis and develop market as well as visual branding identity solutions to develop strategic marketing plan for 2016 onward.


CAM and Kreatiklan designed a vision to extend SkyMall’s role beyond the seatback pocket, and to make it the #1 destination for consumers seeking unique and creative products. This strategy includes expanding into new channels of distribution and enhancing the consumer experience.

SkyMall presents partners with a multitude of opportunities stemming from strategic branding, expanded distribution channels and interactive retail experiences. SkyMall’s reach will extend to high-traffic travel venues such as airports, trains and hotels, as well as shopping malls and other retail outlets.

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