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19 Oct

How Does Product Placement Work?

Most of us must have felt bored when watching advertisements repeatedly on television, but now business people are finding new innovative strategies to introduce their products in a more subtle way, namely product placement. You’ve probably heard the word product placement. But maybe some people don’t know what the word means, product placement is a […]

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18 Oct

What Are the Benefits of a Brand Jingle?

A jingle is a song or short note used in advertising and for other commercial uses, a jingle is a form of sound branding. People often underestimate the benefits of the jingle, which turns out to be unconscious or not, the jingle will affect someone’s interest in the product. On the other hand, not a […]

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15 Oct

What is a Tagline? Types & Examples

In the current era of digital marketing, it is important, every product and business must always be able to show itself above the competition. One way that can be done is to create an attractive tagline. The tagline is not just a slogan, but also the identity and characteristics of the product. So, what is […]

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